Shawn Shepheard

“It’s been an honor to work with Jim Thomson. What you see is what you get, a caring, compassionate person with a huge heart who has inspired many children and adults.”


Michael Landsberg

jim-thomson-hockey-off-the-record“Consider what would be truly possible if you have someone in your corner who always sees your potential, believes in you, connects you to your values, interests, talents and dreams; who is infinitely patient, yet has the wisdom and courage to push when needed. Working with Jim Thomson is exactly that.

Coaching is fun, energetic, powerful, results driven and all about you! Coaching really works.

Jim Thomson was known as a “character” player in the NHL. There is no formal definition of what that is. My interpretation is a player who is selfless- who puts the needs of others ahead of his and who plays to make others better. That was Jim. That IS jim. I’ve known Jim for five years. I have grown to like him- to value him and most of all to trust him. He has a rare ability to put those around him at ease and to lower the defense mechanisms we all have.

A few years ago- I was suffering from severe depression. Only two guests asked me “what’s wrong”? Jim was one of them. I speak with Jim- about life and struggles and the fallibility all we humans have. He never judges- because he has been judged by others.

Jim Thomson has helped me- as a friend and a confidant and as a guy I can talk to. That’s rare. He’s rare.”

Host of TSN Off The Record

Nikita Poliakov

Before I met Jim, I was just another face in the crowd, in the game of hockey and in life. Thanks to his unique personality, and NHL calibre skills I was able to see my potential and strive for it. The professional training that Jim offers improved my overall and specific skills by a lot in a very short period of time. His approach on training, on and off the ice, changed my way of thinking, and helped me to see things with a better perspective. Now with the new confidence I can say that thanks to Jim, I became a better hockey player and a person.

Rhonda Bray

Right from the start to the finish of Jim’s Dreams Do Come True presentation, he captivated the students and teachers with his passion, drive, and sense of humour. He was able to take examples from the very competitive world of sports and use them as great tools that could be applied to personal endeavors. Jim’s interactive presentation had the audience thinking about their own dreams and how they might accomplish them with hard work and determination. He really connected with the students and teachers by sharing his personal obstacles and sacrifices. Jim revealed the heart of a true champion in his presentation. With all of the positive feedback we have received following this event at our school, I would highly recommend Jim to any organization seeking a speaker.

Devon Christian School

Erin Paterson

Last June, our students at Walter Scott Public School were lucky enough to engage in a motivational discussion with Jim Thomson. Jim spoke to the students about the value of a dream and how important it is to follow the dreams that we have. He told his personal story of struggles and barriers he had to overcome to find success and inspired each and every one of the students, ranging from grade one to grade eight.

The students were also lucky enough to ask Jim a number of questions about his journey and his life today in which he responded with nothing but honest answers. The presentation ended with an opportunity for the students to have a photo taken with him. The most impressive part of the afternoon was that Jim offered to join us in our track and field day to cheer on all of the students that took part.

Walter Scott highly recommends schools to share the amazing opportunity that we were fortunate to have with Jim Thomson.

Grade 3 Teacher
Walter Scott P.S.

Tim Sim

My name is Tim Sim and currently I am the principal of Everest Academy, a private school in Thornhill for exceptional athletes. I’ve spent the past thirty three years of my career with the Toronto District School Board as a teacher, curriculum leader, vice principal and principal. My boys are both in university now and my daughter is in grade twelve at Canada’s National Ballet School. I have been involved with elite athletes over the course of my entire life and have known Jim Thomson for many years, dating back to when my boys were both playing hockey in the GTHL and Jim ran one of the largest, if not the largest, on ice, Hockey programs in the city.
Recently, we have had the good fortune to hire Jim at Everest as our Hockey Coordinator and Head Instructor of our Secondary School Program. This has allowed me to spend this past Summer working closely with Jim. I’ve also had the opportunity on many occasions over the years, to watch him interact and work with young people of all ages. He builds strong, professional relationships with each student based on respect, honesty, compassion and understanding. Jim is a “kid magnet”. Young people listen carefully to him and respect his life experience on and off the ice.
Jim is very much a “tell it as it is” person. He conveys a very strong message to kids of all ages that “dreams do/can come true” but he is quick to point out that there is a lot of very hard work, determination and drive that must go on behind the scenes for that to happen. Jim is able to make reference to many high profile professional athletes and friends who he has played with and/or competed against along the way. These anecdotes from his professional career and/or his personal journey, often illustrate humorous moments or perhaps poignant pitfalls along the way that capture the attention of his audience. Over the past few years, Jim has publicly taken a strong stance against fighting in hockey. He also delivers a very strong anti-drug and alcohol message to his young listeners, that is very close to his heart. He brings with him ample personal experience and professional credibility to be able to address both these issues.
As principal of Everest Academy, I asked Jim to deliver his presentation to the students of JK to Grade seven the first week of school as part of our safe schools assemblies and I will have him address the Senior school this second week of school. If I was in my former school of fifteen hundred students, I would not hesitate to build grade assemblies around this presentation. It is absolutely invaluable to young people.

Everest Academy