Life Coaching

Jim Thomson has coached and mentored numerous people over the past twenty-five years. Jim’s background includes playing professional hockey for ten years and then moving into the business world and having success within the corporate arena. Using his natural ability to inspire, Jim has helped individuals clarify their goals and plan strategic action to deliver lasting results. Through one-on-one coaching, Jim works with you to develop the passion, vision and direction needed to create sustainable success in the goals you are seeking to achieve.
Jim Thomson’s success lies in his passion and mission to share life changing principles that help you get what you truly desire in life, be it in the personal or professional arena. People hire a professional coach for a variety of reasons; whether you want to improve your relationships, finances, health, career or business, a coach can help you get where you want to go, faster and with ease! Coaching helps you to get from here to there while enjoying the journey along the way.

People from all walks of life are motivated to work with a coach to:

  • Jump start an area of life moving it forward
  • Discover dormant dreams and turn them into realities
  • Become a more powerful leader at work and in life
  • Create an action plan for sustainable change
  • Increase self confidence and self- esteem
  • Brainstorm new ideas and opportunities
  • Maintain motivation and focus