Hockey & Mentoring Program

jim-thomson-mentoringThe experience I gained over fifteen years of playing in the OHL, AHL, IHL and NHL has allowed me to mentor many elite hockey players and to help them attain that mental and physical edge required to get to the next level.

I work one on one, both on and off the ice, to help the player achieve his goal, to understand the commitment involved and to demonstrate to him the tools I learned over my professional career.

Following my assessment of the player’s skill and thought process on the ice, I will create a program, together with the player and family, designed to maximize his or her potential through on-ice training and off-ice strength training.

With competition ever increasing worldwide and with the performance of each age group ever improving, Jim Thomson’s Mentoring Program will provide the athlete with the skills and mental set necessary to accelerate development.

Playing with Wayne Gretzky for two years allowed me the opportunity to study his thought processes from an ice level. What made him exceptional, in my opinion, was his ability to think at least two plays ahead of the other players. This skill distinguished talents like Wayne, Mario Lemieux, Crosby and Ovechkin from everyone else around them. There are many players with the physical skills to play junior, college and even professional hockey, but they are often lacking the training to be able to anticipate what to do and where to go on the ice. This quality is essential for the player who wishes to enhance his/her skills and compete at a higher level.

Following the use of video analysis and informed instruction on how to react to all situations, we will then take to the ice to rehearse each play based on the athlete’s particular position. Repetition of these strategies is what taught me the thinking required by NHL coaches and will be the key to success in a young player’s career. Through this intense mentoring program, the athlete will take his/her game to the next level.

If your dream is to play junior, college or NHL hockey, Jim Thomson’s Mentoring Program will give you the advantage over your competition and educate you as to what the scouts are looking for.

NHL player Jim Thomson

Nikita Poliakov

Before I met Jim, I was just another face in the crowd, in the game of hockey and in life. Thanks to his unique personality, and NHL calibre skills I was able to see my potential and strive for it. The professional training that Jim offers improved my overall and specific skills by a lot in a very short period of time. His approach on training, on and off the ice, changed my way of thinking, and helped me to see things with a better perspective. Now with the new confidence I can say that thanks to Jim, I became a better hockey player and a person.